Another little precarious bird balanced on a tea cup, starting to get some work together for my autumn exhibition at @theoldcoastguard , hopefully you can just pick our the pattern inside the cup and underneath it… not sure why 100% but if there is no pattern it just doesn’t feel finished 😊 wip

Getting ready to send out my studio insights and free zine, with added retro bubble writing 🤣 graphic designers look away! It will be on the theme of the blackbird, with facts, stories, top tips, poetry … you can sign up to my monthly email and first zine using the link in my profile

Looking back through buzzard photos today, I found this, lucky shot, I always have my camera to hand and take lots of photos but most are consigned to the recylce bin…which is fine as they are just reference for my paintings, but just occasionaly I get something interesting…

I met a couple of Ravens today… at the @cornishbirdsofpreycentre who sadly cant be set free, such a pleasure to be close to such spectacular birds… fantastic flying displays from a variety of beautiful birds of prey and a very informative and enlightening talk which gave me plenty to think about! They like the Mousehole wildbird hospital do an amazing job of patching up and releasing many wild birds each year. I will be returning for certain…😊

Yesterday I was down near a beach at a noisy event it was absolutely packed with people coming and going, but throughout the day there were sand martin’s and swallows dodging around the people trying to carry on as normal… it so clearly represented the themes in my new paintings… I was delighted to see them but felt their work was made so much harder (unintentionally) by the activities of people.

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It was lovely to visit one of my favourite galleries today @nttrelissick where my printmaking is on show with @cornwall_crafts , alongside @lisawisdomartist @charlottejonesceramics Geraldine Jones, Shelahh Spear, Mary English, Jenny Beavan and many other highly skilled crafts people.