I lost my necklace yesterday so Phil went to see if it was in the field where I was grooming the horses with his metal detector…Firefly thought she would help âĪ

And here is a painting I made a few years ago, of another lovely boy who very sadly passed away, he had a huge and immensely loveable personality and her was called Kevin 😍

I have not managed any of my planned drawing so far today… my remote access to the college that I work for has been so slow as it is completely overwhelmed, getting anything done has been a trial…however I am eternally grateful that I am able to work from home. So here is an Olga update, horn healing beautifully and she is in very good spirits 😍

Its sunny but windy here today, I am feeling a bit directionless as all of my exhibitions are now cancelled or postponed and my teaching will be online for the foreseeable future. So I went to see the sheep…this is how i found them, they didnt get up i think they suggested… quite clearly …chill out woman! By the way Olga and luna are gone to but I couldn’t get them all in the shot âĪ

In other news we decided to sort one of our sheds out to make a home gym. I lifted some old insulation up and a couple of Rats leaped out ahhh…they always make me squeal ðŸĪŠ I think we can guess where the went though… i dont really like rats, I know they are wildlife like everything else but they are not really welcome! Anyway Saus stayed on guard here wall watching for the rest of the time we were in there 😂🐀🐀😎 important to say I dont poison or trap them though… just try to give them no reason to be near me!

An update on our lovely Olga it took a while to get her in today because she doesn’t like to be confined at all ever! But after she was left out on her own she decided to come in…in her own time of course… we inspected the wound and gave it a spray…I got most of it on me as usual..half way through the whole procedure she threw her head back and caught my chin it’s only grazed but it looked worse than it was because I was covered in her blood…😎 the main thing is she is on the mend… we will inspect again later. 😊

From the horses mouth! This is a painting I made over 10 years ago, looking at idioms etc. There is so many false truths going around at the moment…I feel it needs to be said…get your news from the horses mouth…the NHS, government websites and the full news conference not the chopped up version the various news channels offer… it’s bad enough without it being made worse by these assumptions and falsehoods