November 30 Day Challenge. Landscapes?

Well I am now 11 days into my November challenge, 3 paintings (or pieces of work) a day for 30 days.  I have to confess it looked like a mountain on day 1 but I am feeling reassured that I have been successful so far.

This time I am trying to incorporate more variety both in subject matter and media again I am not doing too badly..I have used thick acrylic with a knife, collage and monoprinting.  In terms of subject matter I am trying to paint more groups of birds, some landscapes and objects in the landscape and also some animals that I am not completely familiar with.  I have found that unfamiliar subject matter and unfamiliar media are a bad combination…toooooo stressful and posting landscape paintings and drawings is also very very very challenging as it is way out of my comfort zone.  This also raises another point,  I am not doing the challenge to sell work, more to affirm a work ethic and a habitual practice, however it is nice when the paintings do sell and great because it means that we are supporting some amazing charities.  I find I get a little miserable when I have no sales in a day…and then I worry that I am not going to meet me fundraising target (which only I know!)

So none of my landscapes found new homes,  do I do more or just decide that I do animals and others do landscapes…? The problem is that landscapes complete the circle for me, I am out a lot walking and want to record my experiences, I am often disappointed with my landscape sketches and thought I would use the challenge to work through this………well by the end of the challenge I will have made a choice one way or another!

Here are a few of the landscapes see what you think….all feedback welcome!

You can click HERE to be taken to my online shop where all the other paintings that I have done so far are listed.