Royal Cornwall Show Prep!

Busy busy busy…as I get ready for my annual residency in the Rare Breeds Survival Trust Marquee (number 719) at Royal Cornwall Show.  The show is a huge event in the Cornish calendar with over 120,000 visitors each year, not to mention all the animals who make the show what it is.

I thoroughly enjoy my time in the tent with all the rare breeds, mostly sheep but most years there has been a Pig with Piglets, Goats, Horses or Cattle, Chickens and Turkeys.   It is fantastic to see the pleasure and delight the animals bring to the visitors.

Last year I concentrated on painting as many of the Rare Sheep as possible and have completed the series over the last few weeks, 20 breeds in total, Border Leicester, Cotswold, Castlemilk Moorit, Devon & Cornwall Longwool, North Ronaldsay, Manx Loaghtan, Balwen, Lincoln Longwool, Leicester Longwool, Dorset Horn, Whitefaced Woodland, Wensleydale, Hill Radnor, Boreray, Oxford Down, Teeswater, Soay, Portland, Whitefaced Dartmoor.   This year I look forward to focusing on  Rare Breed Cattle…I dont paint a lot of cows so it should me interesting.

The drawings I made last year have become an A3 print and series of 3 small booklets…all of which will be available at the show, together with original paintings, drawings, prints, cards etc.


Rare Breed Sheep

In preparation for  Royal Cornwall Show  this year, I am doing a series of Sheep drawings, there has been record sheep entries so I thought it appropriate…I will be resident in the Rare Breeds Survival Trust tent again in just a few weeks time.

I also hope to make some of them into a small book(let), but that may be a project for next year.

In the meantime here is a sketch of a Boreray Ram there are fewer that 300 of these sheep and therefore Critical on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust watch list.