I am very proud and honoured to have been asked to submit artwork for the RED SIXTY SEVEN book ( @_BTO & @rspb_love_nature @red67book #Red67 #bto #rspb #yolobirder #redlist https://ift.tt/2RpCayt for more ) The launch is on February 14th but you can pre-order the book and purchase other merchandise from the website below now. Red Sixty Seven is a collaboration between 67 authors and 67 artists with a single goal: to raise funds to support conservation work aiming to reverse the declines of our most at-risk birds. Contributors include Chris Packham, Ann Cleeves, Samuel West, Natalie Bennett, David Lindo, Gill Lewis, Darren Woodhead, Carry Akroyd, Jane Smith and Patrick Barkham. ​ All of the profits from the sale of this book will be donated to BTO and RSPB to further their work on Red-listed birds. Red Sixty Seven is 67 love letters to our most vulnerable species, each beautifully illustrated by some of the best wildlife artists around, showcasing a range of styles as varied as the birds in these pages. Our hope is that the book will bring the Red List to a wider audience whilst raising funds for the charities working to help the birds most at need. ​ My bird was the Balearic Shearwater, I have a particularly soft spot for Shearwaters (although Manx) having spent some time on Skoholm and Skomer Islands, we have them visiting our waters around Cornwall. To support 67 redlisted species, It is a collaboration in 67 beautiful illustrated love letters to our most threatened birds @Red67book #Red67 #bto #rspb #yolobirder #redlist #illustratedbook #illustration https://ift.tt/2RpCayt

Hours left for my Bird of the month, December, the Robin! If you would like to read it, it comes to you as a free download when you subscribe to Studio Insights. No catches just a monthly newsletter and a bird of the month 16 page at least ebook…pdf. .https://ift.tt/2OAUfYX. . . . #ebook #freeebook #robinbook

I have been avoiding writing about @sas_whodareswins this week but because of the number of messages we are getting…here goes. I am so proud of my daughters, but not because they are on tv doing sas who dares wins because of the things they do every day the trials they have faced and the way they use those things to help others to achieve their own goals. We dont know what narrative channel 4 will play or how they will cut the 24/7 to create a storyline and we have not seen the episodes before they air. My girls are strong physically and tough little cookies, they like to challenge themselves physically and mentally. This certainly did that it breaks the recruits down, over and over again… those who left in the last show did so after days of this. The sickener alone lasted 3 hours plus… hypothermia is close at every stage now especially with the reduced diet, lack of sleep, showers, dry clothes and warmth. The last one effected many of us deeply brought issues back to the surface from many peoples past. It has been a talking point every day since both on here, in messages and in our day to day lives. In the year ending March 2018, an estimated 2 million adults aged 16 to 59 years experienced domestic abuse during the previous year (1.3 million women, 695,000 men)… this shocking figure is probably much lower than the actual number…there are some links if you Google channel 4 support… please use them if you are suffering, walk away, talk to someone, ask for help. #domesticabuse #strongnotsilent #speakout #saswhodareswins #mentalhealrhawareness

This is from a series of monoprints I made a few years ago, a little story about a horse called “take a chance” who everyone was scared of except me at the age of 6! They were about my childhood growing up in a town and longing to be around animals and also my daughters… what i didnt want for them brought us to where we are now… because of the @sas_whodareswins thing we are doing a lot of looking at where we came from to get to where we are and the challenges we have faced along the way… you can follow more of the girls @sportybethcf & @elliegregor journey tonight 🙈😭🖤⚔🖤😭🙈

These are my bird of the month ebooklets so far. I am going to try to complete my January Bird of the month in the next few days so if you would like to read the Robin ebook and get the new one. It comes to you as a free download when you subscribe to Studio Insights. .https://ift.tt/2OAUfYX link in my profile too. There are no catches just a newsletter an bird of the month ebook free of charge every month #free #ebook #zine #birdofthemonth

In my uninspired state at this time of year, I have been thinking about the light and the way it really affects me, it’s not just that it goes dark early but the quality of the light is different, everything seems a little desaturated… with occasional glimpses of a weak sun… but there are always crows to lift my spirits 🖤😍🖤. . . . . #crowcollage #crowpainting #collage #ravenart #mixedmedia #wildbirdartwork #crowart #abstractlandscape #winterpainting #weaksun #lowlight

As the moon rises tonight you will notice it is full this is the 1st full moon of the 2020 and the decade and called the wolf moon so I thought I would share a little story to celebrate it. The Story Of The Wolf and The Crow One day, a wolf was resting beneath the shade of a gorse bush. A Crow approached the dozing creature ” I bring news on why the raven’s coat is as black as night.” Said the crow. ” Long ago the great white raven and sacred father of our race who had a wingspan that spanned the horizon from east to west — would lift the great golden eye each day. For that was one of his holy chores bestowed upon him by the great father. Then one day as he lifted the great golden eye of the sun with his pristine wing, a spark caught hold and spread like wild fire completely enveloping him. As he screamed in pain the fire turned his beautiful coat to black. And that is why when we see the sun rising up into the great blue vault; it causes us to cry out in remembrance of that fateful time when the great white raven lost his footing in the presence of the great spirit. The wolf just yawned! In this story the wolf doesn’t really have a role in others he does… . . . . Algonquin tribes of the northern and eastern U.S. named the first full Moon of winter the Wolf Moon, because of the packs of wolves who howled in the deep snows of winter. #themoon #wolfmoon #fullmoon #lookuptothesky