What Next ?

I have not counted how many paintings and drawings I made in September but it was more than 30.  About half way through I decided as I was making more than 1 a day I would post them all out to my priority mailing list.  By the end of the Challenge I had sold 56 paintings and raised £560 between my 3 amazing charities.  It was a wonderful moment when I posted the 3 cheques for £190 each to Compassion in World Farming, Cornwall Wildlife Trust and Mousehole Bird Hospital.

You can see the paintings and drawings that I made in September here http://suzysharpeartist.weebly.com/sepember-challenge.html.

So what next…

I went to London for a few days to paint extinct birds for the Ghosts of Gone Birds Project…this brought home to me the gravity of extinction.  I normally like to draw from life or from my own photographs, this time though I had to draw from blurred photographs of badly taxidermied birds. When they are gone they are really gone, no amount of models and stuffed skins will make up for it.



I also saw a few exhibitions, particularly memorable was the Anslem Kiefer at the Royal Academy.  Then I started thinking about what I can do next…Of course I would like to change the world…prevent anymore animals and birds becoming extinct and raise in the consciousness of every person the true value (not based on any fiscal system) and preciousness of the non human of animals that we share the world with…but that is a huge task.

So I will do all I can do…

Too much thinking isn’t good for me so I decided to set myself another Challenge. November has 30 Days so I intend to do another 30 Day Challenge throughout  November, this time I will paint 3 paintings a day!

More details can be found here http://suzysharpeartist.weebly.com/november-challenge.html. I would be delighted if you would like to see how it goes, if you can please sign up to my priority mailing list and share the challenge with your friends…the more people who get to know about it and follow it the more paintings I will sell (hopefully) and the more I can raise for my amazing charities…who really do make a difference!