Drawing when I should be Painting??

I often set out to do 1 thing and end up doing another but at the moment it is getting a little frustrating, this should have been the result of a couple of days of painting, however, I ended up with a series of drawings.


This would be fine except I intend to exhibit a few large paintings for my MA show…maybe next week I will set out to make some drawings…

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Pigeons have always fascinated me, when I lived in a town they were considered a pest…there would be reports of ‘Dangerous Pigeons’ nearly taking someone’s eye out! but, at the same time there would be people who came to feed them every day…and took pleasure in the relationship they had with them.

The relationship between humans and animals is often a complex and symbiotic one, Pigeons seem to exemplify this relationship.  One the one hand they have been heroic and on the other pests.  As I try to explore this I have drawn some amazing creatures…Martha the last Passenger Pigeon, GI Joe, Cher Ami, Old Kaizer, Gimpy, Long John Silver…etc.