I just love these poems can’t wait to get my copy! ❤ #Repost @bearspeakstothestars ・・・ It’s been a long time since I let some poems out of the bag and into the world, so the publication of FALCONER’S JOY by @hedgespokenpress marks quite a staging post for me. The five poems in this pocket-sized chapbook share themes of mythic slippages, of time unanchoring and of the dead conversing with the living. And the adoration of nature, of course, always. You can pre-order it and see more about it here >> http://bit.ly/falconers-joy << or follow the link in my bio for all my books in the @hedgespoken shop. The first 100 copies will be signed (and dedicated, if you like!) 65 of those have already sold… Get a shifty on. The oldest piece, MERRIVALE, was first begun in 2012 and has seen a number of versions down the years; the most recent, THE DEAD FATHERS, was written only a few weeks ago. In between those bookends of time, THE LAPWING STARS appeared last year in Fiddler's Green Peculiar Parish Magazine #4; THE WORSHIP OF PLACE was recorded whilst out on the moor, beside the East Dart, in the fabulous early Summer of this year; and FALCONER'S JOY was written within the last few months. The chapbook is being printed by Footprint workers co-op in the UK, on 100% recycled paper using veg-based inks. I'm expecting it back from the printer in about two weeks. I'm part delighted and part horrified that I've had the audacity (again!) to believe my poetry is worth sharing. I pray that a few syllables of goodness are crouched somewhere in the fields of waffle. Expect snippets and excerpts to follow! Thanks for reading. Now buy the book. It's beautiful. And it has a cover-falcon by @tilsamka ! #poems #poetry #smallpress #artpress #myth #nature #writing #book #books #author #tomhirons #rimastaines #hedgespoken #chapbook #pocketbook #lapwing #merrivale #falconer #pagan #animist #mystic #AllOtherReligionsAndSpiritualPathsAlsoCateredFor