Ravens Everywhere!!

A beautiful Saturday Morning saw me walking from Kynance Cove towards Mullion, we were fortunate to see a pair of Ravens within the first 10 minutes amongst the Gulls. Fulmar and Jackdaws.   I sat above the cove with the sun on my face, just out of the wind, to eat my delicious Anns Pasty, my reward for the steep climb!  and caught sight of the Ravens again this time sparring with another bird…a Peregrine!

A little further along we were delighted to see a pair of Peregrines just out to sea on a rock…

On our return the Ravens were in the air again, as we got closer to Kynance we saw 4, then 6 then 8 by the end of the walk there were 11!!! Ravens flying around, so graceful, agile and powerful, they took minutes to travel the distances it had taken us 3 hours to walk, and just for the fun of it they kept proving their superiority…stunning!  Sadly our cameras (or in my case the photographer) failed to get any photos of them, lots of the sky with Raven just out of shot…and a few with indistinguishable dots in the distance.

We went to Kynance to try to catch sight of a Chough, as I have still not seen one after nearly 20 years in Cornwall, and although we did not see a Chough I felt more than compensated by their cousins the Ravens.

I have not painted many Ravens but…

This is Hunnin…(one of the Ravens of Odin) Mixed media

And here are a few images fuel by my more general Corvid obsession! 


Block Print



and a few Ink Drawings