MA Authorial Illustration

After two years the end of my MA is in sight…I am not sure how I feel about it. Partially relieved that I am nearly there and partially sad that it has gone by so quickly.  Our show is not until the first week in September, but there is a lot to do before then.  I have to complete paintings, drawings, research journal and a catalogue.

I have just handed in my final essay… A lot of people don’t like writing essays and I am not sure that I like writing them as I dont really have a way with words like some people.  However, I do love the structure and intensity of focused knowledge acquisition that takes place. I thoroughly enjoy the research,  constructing a coherent transcript of my thoughts and increased understanding of my subject is always incredibly valuable to me.   I find that the ripples created by my newly acquired knowledge can last for years.

So in a couple of years will I be thinking about a PHD…probably not.  I am not sure what will come next for me, but I feel the need to just go out sit in the landscape and see what my brush/pen/pencil can discover.


I will leave you with a quote from my essay from the opening paragraph of my essay…

Two years ago, when I began the MA I felt that my work had lost something. Mary Oliver describes the essence of what I hoped I would find when talking about writing poetry in her book Wild Geese, “Every poem I write must have a genuine body, it must have sincere energy and it must have spiritual purpose”.  My final project proposal was to create a contemporary bestiary, bringing together a variety of elements of the multi-faceted human-animal relationship; intended for display as an installation and catalogue entitled The Beautiful and The Damned.  This body of work is the culmination of a deepening understanding of my position in relation to this connection, reflected through the lens of my creative practice.  It draws on an array of narratives from contemporary media, myth, fable and traditional storytelling.


Here is one of the paintings that I will be exhibiting, entitled ‘By Any Means Necessary’ there are seven in total all 100cm x 100cm acrylic and oil on canvas… I hope that they will raise a question in the mind of the viewer but probably offer no answers, even to me!