Back to print making last day @tremenheeresculpturegardens for the @nsanewlyn ExLibris exhibition tomorrow for this linocut with monoprint
Responding in part to … The Risen

He stands, filling the doorway
In the shell of earth.
He lifts wings, he leaves the remains of something,
A mess of offal, muddled as an afterbirth.
His each wingbeat – a convicts release,
What carries will be plenty.
He slips behind the world’s brow
As music escapes its skull, its clock and its skyline.
Under his sudden shadow, flames cry out among thickets
When he soars, his shape
Is cross, eaten by light, 
On the Creator’s face
He shifts world weirdly as sunspots
Emerge as earthquakes.
A burning unconsumed, 
A whirling tree –
Where he alights 
A skin sloughs from a leafless apocalypse.
On his lens
Each atom engraves with a diamond
In the wind–fondled crucible of his splendour
The dirt becomes God.
But when will he land
On a man’s wrist.  Ted Hughes


As I sit invigilating for the @nsanewlyn ExLibris show @tremenheeresculpturegardens I feel very humbled and grateful for the time people spend looking at my work …(and the work of other artists in the show) the visitors don’t know if I am one of the artists or a gallery assistant and I am only able to see the engagement with my particular pieces on a cctv screen so their time spent is purely about the viewers interest in the work ❤ it is really hard I find to get genuine feedback about your artwork so this is a valuable experience.

A painting in ink and acrylic wash of our lovely George another of our flock, he is 10 years old and a French ouessant rare breed primitive sheep, he is definitely not the boss in the flock but he is always happy to see us and gets to us first at feed time.usually gets pushed out of the way by the girls but he doesn’t seem to mind too much.

Another of my little flock, this is Olga, she is a Manx Loaghtan Ewe and she is 10 years old she has been with me for 9 of those years, being a primitive breed she tends to be a bit flighty and weary even if me, she has had one lamb Luna born at the time of a supermoon. When I paint animals and birds I am trying to represent a unique individual, a character with thoughts and a personality, as Thomas Berry said ‘subjects to commune with’… Painted a few years ago in ink and acrylic wash on canvas,, she became one of my most popular images and has been made into a card and print .

This is lovely Spoonie in the wind today…she is the most tame of the rest of the flock, very talkative and enjoys her routine, she comes to find us if we haven’t fed her and stands at the gate calling… ♥️.

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