Handmade Christmas

Bethany has been writing about the handmade and Christmas and included my cards in her blog 🙂

Bethany Robinson

So… I LOVE handmade gifts as you may have guessed. In the last two years I have experimented a little with my Christmas gifts because I feel mass produced items aren’t always the most personal or best quality gifts, heres what I discovered!

In 2014 I found myself surrounded by a lot of beautiful handmade items because I did a lot of fairs. So naturally this gave me the opportunity to buy lots of handmade gifts.

In 2015 I made most of my gifts myself, ironically I was doing more fairs this year, which ill come back to later, but i felt it would give me the opportunity to give more personalised quality gifts.

So 2014…


I bought a selection of beautifully crafted items, from small things like a mulled wine syrup and small food based gifts from truro market to make up a hamper. To larger gifts like jewellery…

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