The End is Nigh….100 Things Wild Charity Challenge

Well, only nine days to go and 5 wild things to paint.  I have lots of paintings left in my shop…I think I may have flooded my little market corner of my market!!!  But, all is well I will have raised over £400 for Charity which is entirely positive and a wonderful thing to be able to do.

So what next? 100 days is rather too long a challenge for me and I have found it difficult to remain engaged in the idea.  I will not be repeating the how many can I paint challenge enough is enough :).  In many ways I feel that this could be a device I  use to prevent a deepening engagement with my practice…or an enjoyable distraction.

Anyway if you would like to see, share or of course purchase any of my challenge paintings they can be found in my shop and will remain there at least until the 9th December, the last day of the challenge.

If you have followed me, thank you very much for staying with me.

.  n hare 4 copy

One of my Hares from day 90…

Poetry of Animals and back to my challenge

I feel like I have been away…but I haven’t, I had a little break from the Challenge whilst getting ready for our exhibition at Morvah Schoolhouse Gallery.

We had poetry readings, music, great company and very interesting conversations at the preview and it seems to have been a very successful exhibition for everyone who took part.

Here are a few photos of the show…

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So now it is back to my 100 Things Wild Challenge.   Here are a few of the paintings still available all of them will remain at £50 until the end of the challenge and 50% of all the funds raised will go to my 3 chosen charities Compassion in World Farming, Mousehole WIldbird Hospital and Cornwall Wildlife Trust.  Please click here to browse the available paintings  and here if you would like to join my mailing list to see the paintings first as they are created 

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