Barn owl…in a busy world… this painting is not actually as blue as it seems but I am having really trouble getting the colours accurate either with my phone (which is understandable) or my DSLR… it just seems to be anything with this particular blue 🀣 it becomes very over saturated!!! Baffled! πŸ€ͺ

Something nice and dark today for #samhain #allhallowseve #haloween to me it’s the beginning of winter (if there were only 2 seasons) but also a time to reflect, celebrate things passed and look at what we want to take forward… the painting is called ‘we reap what we sow’ and is based on the ovid poem about Actaeon.

I am fascinated by drawing in all its forms and purposes, here I was recording at an archaeological restoration project where I also joined in with the dig, peeling back layers of time the experience will stay with me for the rest of my life the quoit at Carwynnen was reinstated after being collapsed for many years…

There is definitely something about high places and this gorgeous red of the bracken at this time of year… looking back through some landscapes…it is always this time of year or spring that i get really excited about recording its transformation…this is Mulfra Quoit in the far west of Cornwall a very special wild and windswept part of the county ❀