It’s a difficult time for everyone, but as teachers we are committed to helping our students realise their goals… this will pass, we will work it out and you will achieve your goals. Thank you for this @sketchymuma • • • • • • #repost One for the incredible teachers out there trying to navigate the unknown. Thank you for what you do ♥️

More sheep saga today, this is Olga… she is my least friendly sheep and if she know I want her in she’s off like a shot…she is a Manx Loaghtan, rare breed… they are very alert always on guard she has been here for 10 years but has always maintained her distance… I have found them to be mostly trouble free, she has one lamb our lovely Luna, also very flighty despite being well handled as a lamb, I have only had the vet to her once for a persistent abscess which turned out to be a thorn…anyway today she was covered in blood all down one side of her face… for what ever reason she seems to have been fighting and has ripped one horn off(she has always been very bossy and someone has had enough I suspect). Despite all the blood she seems fine, bleeding has stopped and its clean but she will need to come in for further TLC tomorrow…she had beautifully balanced horns too 😥

It’s difficult to know what to offer this world just now…but if you would like to read about Crows my march newsletter and new bird of the month is now out…(although i am afraid the newsletter is all out of date as everything is cancelled…) I thought we needed the wisdom of Crows this time. If you would like to read it, it comes as a link to a free download when you subscribe to studio insights via the link in my profile or using Just a monthly newsletter and (this month a 20 page) ebooklet pdf download no catches.

A bit more bird watching…not from today as I have been very busy putting in place systems to help our @cornwallcollege students work from home… one of my greatest pleasures when I am at home are the birds who visit… they have brought me though some quiet dark times in the past…I can highly recommend them… . . . Thank you to the @gardencrowd who supplied this particular seed mix suzysharpe_gc10 if you would like to try some at a discount 😊

This monoprint is one of my examples from a taster session I facilitated @cornwallcollege on Monday, it may be one of my last teaching sessions for a while…this is Herman a strong and solid Ram with a foot at each corner… he was part of my life many years ago… but he still feature in my work from time to time…

This is a painting of my lovely Spoonie from a few years ago… today in our strange world I can only offer Sheep…but I find they have a calming effect on me just going about their business…even when Desmond gets really stuck in brambles he doesn’t panic he just waits…but as soon as he is out he is off enjoying himself as if nothing ever happened… we all know this will pass… I cant offer any advice only to be like a sheep and wait until you can get out and have fun again…in the meantime I hope you stay well and kind ❤🐑🐑🐑❤

My beautiful old girl… Spoonie enjoying the sun today… taking every moment as it comes… she has struggled over the years with the worst feet, abscesses, arthritis and many other ailments but she takes it all gracefully in her stride, seeming gratefully of our help and care, she enjoys her food and loves a good scratch…bless her ❤😍🐑😍❤

Well this has to be a good omen..2 Robin’s. @gardencrowd sent me some new bird food to try …my little garden friends seem to love it. All their packaging is plastic free too…if I have to isolate I will spend a lot more time watching my garden birds… you can get a 10% discount using suzysharpe_gc10 😊

And here is part 3…after putting his feet on it to test its integrity he jumped up onto the wall and looked over at the rebuilt part just as if he was judging my dodgy wall building skills…(harshly 😂) he then walked back and forth a few times ate a bit if grass off the top and jumped down to tell Walter what he thought… I do not think I past his stringent assessment … oh well I will try harder next time! 😂😂😂

This is my second picture of Desmond today, I was repairing a wall. Desmond had to ensure it was up to standard… in my previous image he was looking over at me watching my every move…in this one he has his foot on it…just checking its stable…leaving nothing to chance…he wouldn’t like someone to get injured whilst having a scratch on the wall by falling loose stones now would he! 😂🐑😍

I have had a difficult day today… I heard hounds in cry down a valley across the road… it makes me feel sick that I welcome wildlife to my land but just over the wall it is being hunted… as I am sure you are aware it is illegal to hunt wildlife with hounds… this image is from a found media photograph from some years ago of a hunt monitor/Saboteur, at the time I was very interested in the aggressive appearance of these people coupled with their gentleness towards the animals they were protecting. When hunting was legal I had to tolerate it now I dont… it’s illegal and needs to be reported…(for info if there had been a ‘trail’ set the hounds would not have been in cry) #keeptheban #huntsaboteurs