More sheep saga today, this is Olga… she is my least friendly sheep and if she know I want her in she’s off like a shot…she is a Manx Loaghtan, rare breed… they are very alert always on guard she has been here for 10 years but has always maintained her distance… I have found them to be mostly trouble free, she has one lamb our lovely Luna, also very flighty despite being well handled as a lamb, I have only had the vet to her once for a persistent abscess which turned out to be a thorn…anyway today she was covered in blood all down one side of her face… for what ever reason she seems to have been fighting and has ripped one horn off(she has always been very bossy and someone has had enough I suspect). Despite all the blood she seems fine, bleeding has stopped and its clean but she will need to come in for further TLC tomorrow…she had beautifully balanced horns too 😥

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