I love to just play with bits and bobs in my studio and watch at the possibilities unfolding, it’s such a creative process for me…it allows me to play because I am not trying to make a good drawing 😂 which often inhibits my creativity and enjoyment. I find myself putting all sorts of things in my way so that I dont get wrapped up in the detail of making a good drawing 🤦‍♀️😊

I just love these bits of paper, accidental wonderfulness, it was a mask for a linocut that I did placed over the print so the background would not print onto the bird… I doubt k could make them on purpose though, it’s the lack of planning that created them that i like so much i think. 😊 #happyaccident

Out and about today, visited a local country park where there is one of the largest rockerys in cornwall… I love the call of Rooks… too many people for me and lots of over feeding but the rooks like it because they get fed…so do the mobs of squirrels, geese, ducks, swans, black headed gulls and lots of rats 😂 . . .. . . . . #linocut.#printmaking #blockprinting #monoprint #reliefprinting #lino #utbanbird #farmlandbirds #contemporaryart #narrative #cornwallart #wildlifeart #birdart #birdartist #wildbird #artiststudio #art #illustration #mixedmedia #wildlife #naturalworld #mixedmedia #contemporaryprintmaking #humananimalrelationship #get_imprinted #ukprintmakers .#rook #printmaker #oneofforiginal #anthrozoology

This is Desmond when I first met him…being transported home in a cardboard box bless him, just a few days old. . . . . . #lambs #enjoythemoment #countryside #countrylife #farmlife #countryliving #joyofsheep #animalassistedinterventions #mindfulness #natureassistedinterventions #sheep #shetlandsheep #animalassistedtherapy #sheepofinstagram #loveofsheep #naturetherapy #wellbeing #smallholding #sheep #onthefarm

I am delighted to hear that the first print run of #red67 has now sold out.. but still saddened that it has to exist, I must do a flick through of it for you all soon… I feel very honoured to have been asked to take part and submit artwork for the RED SIXTY SEVEN book and well done to everyone else involved ( @_BTO & @red67book @99_birds ) #bto #rspb #yolobirder #redlist You can still order here for the next print run…. https://ift.tt/2RpCayt for more ) The launch is on February 14th. . You can pre-order the book and purchase other merchandise from the website below now. Red Sixty Seven is a collaboration between 67 authors and 67 artists with a single goal: to raise funds to support conservation work aiming to reverse the declines of our most at-risk birds. Contributors include Chris Packham, Ann Cleeves, Samuel West, Natalie Bennett, David Lindo, Gill Lewis, Darren Woodhead, Carry Akroyd, Jane Smith and Patrick Barkham. ​ All of the profits from the sale of this book will be donated to BTO and RSPB to further their work on Red-listed birds. Red Sixty Seven is 67 love letters to our most vulnerable species, each beautifully illustrated by some of the best wildlife artists around, showcasing a range of styles as varied as the birds in these pages. Our hope is that the book will bring the Red List to a wider audience whilst raising funds for the charities working to help the birds most at need. ​ My bird was the Balearic Shearwater, I have a particularly soft spot for Shearwaters (although Manx) having spent some time on Skoholm and Skomer Islands, we have them visiting our waters around Cornwall. To support 67 redlisted species, It is a collaboration in 67 beautiful illustrated love letters to our most threatened birds @Red67book #Red67 #bto #rspb #yolobirder #redlist #illustratedbook #illustration https://ift.tt/2RpCayt

Oh Desmond! Stuck.in the brambles twice yesterday! Trying to shelter from the rain maybe? Anyway because I have been round cutting through some brambles he has started gathering the cuttings in his fleece… roll on shearing time! BLESS! ❤🐑❤ can you see that look of slight irritation towards me! I am sure he thinks it’s all my fault 😂

I was just browsing and read a story about the death of someone’s dog, I don’t know the person well and never met the dog but could feel the pain in her words… it hit me like a wall of grief my many lost and beloved animals whose lives were long for them…but short for me… they take a huge chunk of my heart when they leave me… strange… but this is Kevin he was the most wonderful soul, i talked to him every day, painted him often and miss his endlessly… time to start painting some more of my creatures i think, oddly I find it hard to look at photos of him but enjoy looking at the paintings still, this one is one of my best selling cards and prints it is good to know that he brought pleasure to the lives of many people and graces the walls of quite a few homes…❤❤❤ .

Beautiful gentle Walter … always hungry, he was the least affectionate of our two bottle fed lambs but has turned into the most friendly…he will do anything for food and is sometimes rather too enthusiastic… a full size sheep jumping up is not ideal bless him! He is a shetland cross… a bit of a Heinz 57… totally unique!

Dont you love a bit of black white and red… the colours of protest…@btobirds @artofmindfulness #Red67 this evenings reading…😍 many of my passions contained in these books…the middle one is my journal…not often my work has been in an actual book..but turn to page 29 and there it is Red Sixty Seven ❤

Would you have guessed which bird I have chosen for February the month of love? They are a very interesting and surprising bird if you start to look into them in more depth…anyway if you would like to see what I have gathered together this new bird of the month is out now. If you have not already received it with my February newsletter you can receive it free of charge if you subscribe to studio insights via the link in my profile or using https://ift.tt/2OAUfYX. There are no catches just the newsletter and a 16 page ebooklet pdf download… enjoy!