Great post @elliegregor very proud of you as you know… for everything you do as well as @sas_whodareswins • • • • • • #repost “The most important thing is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle” I was medically withdrawn from SAS WDW after collapsing when my body started to shut down due to Hypothermia. I cannot even begin to tell you how cold I was, the interrogation was fine, the stress positions were manageable but the cold running through my bones was relentless agony. Touching the stone cold wall was unbearable, I’d lost all the feeling in my feet and I kept passing in and out of consciousness. I don’t remember the moment I passed out, all I remember is being un hooded and seeing the doctor in front of me. Prior to interrogation we’d been captured in the water and taken on a 1-2 hour speed boat trip back to base in soaked clothes. By the time we reached land I was colder than I’d ever been before. We then had to sit/stand in wet clothes in freezing temperatures for hours, I’m not surprised that my body gave up. I’m so proud that my mental strength didn’t waver. It took me actually passing out to end my journey. You hear me say, that I wanted to pass the course but if my best isn’t good enough then that’s ok. Thank you to the DS @jay__morton , @jason_carl_fox , @ollie.ollerton , @billingham22b @antmiddleton for one hell of a challenge. Thank you to all the incredible recruits who made the course bearable with their impeccable banter and thank you to everyone who has messaged me and supported me throughout this process. I hope I have inspired some of you. Onwards to my next adventure. What next?! #saswhodareswins #saswdw #adventure #outdoors #strongwomen #positivity #crossfit #strongmind #mindovermatter #strength #adventuregirl #challengeme #positivemind #positivesoul #fitness #health #cornwall #wildadventures #outdoorwoman #determination #lifegoals l #stronggirls

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