As the moon rises tonight you will notice it is full this is the 1st full moon of the 2020 and the decade and called the wolf moon so I thought I would share a little story to celebrate it. The Story Of The Wolf and The Crow One day, a wolf was resting beneath the shade of a gorse bush. A Crow approached the dozing creature ” I bring news on why the raven’s coat is as black as night.” Said the crow. ” Long ago the great white raven and sacred father of our race who had a wingspan that spanned the horizon from east to west — would lift the great golden eye each day. For that was one of his holy chores bestowed upon him by the great father. Then one day as he lifted the great golden eye of the sun with his pristine wing, a spark caught hold and spread like wild fire completely enveloping him. As he screamed in pain the fire turned his beautiful coat to black. And that is why when we see the sun rising up into the great blue vault; it causes us to cry out in remembrance of that fateful time when the great white raven lost his footing in the presence of the great spirit. The wolf just yawned! In this story the wolf doesn’t really have a role in others he does… . . . . Algonquin tribes of the northern and eastern U.S. named the first full Moon of winter the Wolf Moon, because of the packs of wolves who howled in the deep snows of winter. #themoon #wolfmoon #fullmoon #lookuptothesky

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