#Repost @sportybethcf • • • • • • To echo what @nicolamcgrath831 said in her lovely post, a quick reminder that it is easy to say from the comfort of your sofa “I can do that” most of us said it watching season 4. But you are only going to see a glimpse of what it was like. No sleep 1-2 hours max but probably not, strict rations very little food, constant exercise, constantly wet and freezing cold even in the accommodation, cuts bruises, infections, No showers, open toilets, only 2 sets of clothes that were always wet, no make up, hair brushes, no mirrors. It’s raw and it’s real. We all struggled at some point. They take you to your breaking point on purpose. Then push you past it. Every single recruit that joined us, no matter how long they stayed, they’re all badass, strong, kind and tough people. Some of the most incredible people I’ll ever meet. I’m so lucky to have met them. Please be kind to everyone. It’s a huge achievement just to have the balls to do something this crazy. 💕 My experience on SAS was truly life changing. It unearthed things I had forgotten I had buried and made me deal with them. It striped me of everything I thought I knew about myself, challenged my perceptions. Proved that I am much stronger than I ever thought and that I can keep getting back up, over and over again. I did some really crazy, cool, adrenaline fuelled things. To get on the show we had to complete the men’s military fitness test, which I’m super proud of myself for passing first time. We were up against over 7,000 other applicants to get a spot. Getting on the show was an achievement in itself. It will be really interesting watching it back, we know only some things will be shown and we don’t know what will be portrayed. I’ll be here.. watching it in my standard issue military jumper 😉. But I wish I was watching it with my fellow recruits. Love you all 💕 my SAS family xxx

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